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Show Me

Producer: Kelly News and Entertainment/Facet-Phillips Entertainment
Host: Mark Goodman
Announcer: Randy West
Cast: Kari Coleman, Robin Eurich, Shondell Sasna
Musician: Alan Axelrod
Celebrity: Fred Travalena
Taping Info: September 13, 1990, NBC Studio 3, Burbank
Made it to Air: No
Availability: UCLA Archives

Show Me was a guessing game for two players based on clues given by some or all of a cast of improv players. The cast was augmented by a celebrity player, in this case Fred Travalena. The host of the show was former MTV-VJ Mark Goodman. For the younger readers, at one time MTV played music videos, and used a VJ to introduce them. A musician on the side, similar to Remote Control, helped with the skits. According to references during the show, it was intended to be a daily strip and was shot for ABC.

Round one involved each player trying to guess an adverb from the improvers. The first skit involved a gym teacher and the word to guess was "scientifically." Each skit was usually 15 seconds in length (there was no visible clock). A correct guess gave a player $50, and the other player could guess if the first one missed. After a missed guess, the first letter was revealed.

Round two involved guessing both a person and a place, and each would start with the same letter that was given to each player. The first one used in this round was "baritone on the beach." A correct guess of a person was worth $100, a place $100 and a bonus $100 for getting both. Round three was pretty much the same as round 2 except it was place and owner (e.g.: Dracula's Disco) and answers were written, since both players were playing off the same clue. $200 for owner, $200 for place and a bonus $100 for both. The most money after round three won the game.

The bonus round the "Imrpov Finale", involved a player receiving a category (e.g. "Complaint Department") and the contestant trying to guess the person (real or fictional) being acted for $100 per correct guess and the a jackpot of $5,000 if he or she was able to get all seven.

This could have worked. The first round I think was the big weakness, but it really wasn't worth much, so it wasn't that big deal. Mark Goodman did a good job hosting, which would really come in handy for his future lucrative career hosting lottery shows. Kari Coleman makes a decent living as a character actress on sitcoms (she was Allison on a few episodes of Seinfeld), Robin Eurich has done some acting, as far as Shondell Sasna goes I wasn't able to find out anything. Alan Axelrod spends his time as Barry Manilow's keyboard player.

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