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What's On Your Mind

Producer: Ray Horl/Peggy Touchstone/Wilshire Productions
Host: Bob Goen
Announcer: John Harlan
Psychics: Anita Sands Hernandez, Ruth Revzen, Gabriel Bain and Jim Watson
Taping Info: November 10, 1982, somewhere in California
Made it to Air: No

What's My Line was a long-running show that on both prime-time and syndication ran for 23 years. However, as a panel game, it had one major flaw, panelists asked questions. How boring! To solve this problem, a new version with psychics simply guessing was created. A mustache-clad Bob Goen is your host.

On a set reminiscent of an early 80's public access roundtable, palmist Anita Sands Hernandez, mystic card reader Ruth Revzen, auravoyiant Gabriel Bain and crystal guy Jim Watson are seated and are ready to meet the first contestant. What is probably a good idea, Bob Goen is not seated at the table and is actually in the back of the set, very unusual for a game show.

The first contestant comes out. The psychics are allowed to touch him, or in the case of Jim Watson, take his car keys. The psychic's first job is to guess is occupation. Despite the guessing and Jim Watson's rotating of his car keys around a crystal ball, they are unable to guess that he operates a hot air balloon. The next question was "what $50 investment helped his business"? One of them did guess the correct answer (got a license to perform marriages). The third question, a goal he would like to achieve (set the world height record for a balloon) went unguessed.

The second contestant comes out, and the carnival games get a little more sneaky. They bring out someone who is both an airline pilot and a singer, so two right answers are available, and the psychics were given a correct answer even though they really didn't get it ("you entertain"). The second question involved guessing marital/kid status, and was guessed despite the handful of permutations available and the rarity of the status (married without kids).

And since it's a panel show, there has to be a mystery guest. But no one in their right minds would go on this, so instead a sealed pink envelope is trotted out with biological information and a picture of a mystery guest. However, they are told the birth date and gender of the celebrity. If you can think back to November 1982, and if I told you "woman, born July 1, 1961", I would wager that a fair number of you could guess it without the pink envelope, or the dim concept lighting.

The psychics were so cheesy that even John Edwards would blush. Bob Goen looks pretty good in an early foray into games, too bad he was saddled with something so horrible. The two contestants won either a trip to Lake Tahoe or a microwave. Since this information was only relayed via fee plug, there was no indication of who won what. And to top it all off, the poorly sung theme song featured laughable lyrics credited to one of the creators (Annette Tucker). All in all, a wretched show, but I could see that coming in the first minute.


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