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We've Got Your Number

Producer: Jack Barry
Host: Jack Barry
Announcer: Johnny Jacobs
Taping Info: May 13, 1975, Los Angeles
Made it to Air: No
Other Pilots: The slate said Pilot 'B', so there's probably a Pilot 'A' out there somewhere.
Availability: Shokus Video #845, "Lost Game Show Pilots"

We've Got Your Number is a dice-based general knowledge that feels like a knock-off of High Rollers. Jack Barry, whose The Joker's Wild will go off the air the following month, is the producer and the host. As per any mid-70's game show, there's lots of dark orange. As a bonus, there's two eight foot dice and some chandeliers.

Two players are asked a general knowledge question. The person who answers the question correctly then presses a button which controls two dice. Based on the roll of the dice, you place that number in any of four positions. The object is to place the numbers from low-to-high with your successful rolls. For example, the first roll is a four, and is placed in the grid on the bottom like the example on the left. On the second roll, an eight is rolled, which can be placed in any of the other three slots as shown on the right. Rolling a number that can not be placed, either because it is a repeat roll or placing it would not fit the top-to-bottom placing, loses the game. Also, after successfully placing a number, a player may "freeze", which forces the other player to both answer questions correctly and successfully place one more number than the player freezing has played. Winning two games out of three won you a prize (in this case a trip to Europe) and a chance at the bonus game.

The bonus game was pretty nice. The object is to roll seven sets of dice without repeating a number. As a help, a roll of 7 can be changed into any number you want. You start with $200 and this amount is doubled after every successful roll. After each roll, you have the chance to stop and take what you have or risk what you've earned on the next roll. After 7 successful rolls, you would be $25,600 richer. Unlike the main game, you rolled the dice yourself, and unlike the original High Rollers, this game had mastered the moving table technology to get the dice back to the player rather than using the Ruta Lee acrylic hook-o-matic.

However, what caused me to not consider this a great game was the rather high chance of undeservedly losing the game. I checked the odds of the various dice rolls, and you have an 1/6 chance of losing on the second roll, assuming that 5 or below would go in the bottom slot and 9 or above would go in the top slot:

Losing Rolls
First Roll Odds of First Roll Second Roll Odds of 1st and 2nd Roll
2 1/36 2 1/1,296
3 2/36 2 or 3 6/1,296
4 3/36 2, 3 or 4 18/1,296
5 4/36 2, 3, 4 or 5 40/1,296
6 5/36 6 25/1,296
7 6/36 7 36/1,296
8 5/36 8 25/1,296
9 4/36 9, 10, 11 or 12 40/1,296
10 3/36 10, 11 or 12 18/1,296
11 2/36 11 or 12 6/1,296
12 1/36 12 1/1,296
Total     216/1,296

If you get by the second die roll, you still have another 21% chance of losing on the third roll (I'll spare you the math). But if you pass on the second roll, your opponent has a 63% chance of beating you. A simple way to rectify this is to not cause a loss if your roll worked as long as you answered the question and not allow freezing or passing. Answer the question, roll the dice. If it doesn't work, no harm, no foul.

I really liked this game, it's too bad the main game is a little too flawed for my taste. If I was to do it, I would not allow passes, not make a bad roll lose a game, and create an accumulating pot like Tic-Tac-Dough of something like $100 a question that you win when you finally clear the board. Also, I would let the players roll dice in the main game as well. Something about a Jack Barry game with electronic dice that worries me a bit.

Get blinded by all the shiny, reflective objects on We've Got Your Number.

Here's the massive set.

And your host, Jack Barry.

He rolls a 4.

And he'll place it in the lowest slot.

You've won the main game, now let's move on to the gameroom (that's what they called it).

So far, so good in the bonus game.

Dan Enright gets a credit here. If this had made it to air, it would have been the first domestic credit for Enright since the scandals.

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